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Chicago O'Hare Airport Parking Charges

Chicago O'Hare Airport Parking Rates
First HourHourly rateDaily rate

Parking Garage (Hourly)$2*$5 for 3 hours$53
Parking Garage (Daily)$2*$5 for 3 hours$33
Lots B & C$2$5 for 3 hours$33
Lot D (Short Term)$2*$6 for 2 hours
$8 for 3 hours
$10 for 4 hours
$19 for 8 hours
Lot E (Economy)$2$11 for 8 hours$17
Lot F (Economy)$2$9
Lot G (Economy)$2$13
Valet Parking$10$33 for 8 hours$48

* First 10 minutes free in the Parking Garage Hourly and Daily areas, and Lot D.

How To Pay

Payment can be made by cash or credit card.

Further information is available on (773) 686-7530 or 1630 AM within 2.5 miles of Chicago O'Hare.

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Chicago Information

In Chicago it's 3:23 pm CDT on Jun 27, 2016.

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