Geneva Airport Parking Information

Geneva Airport Parking Information

Geneva Airport has long and short term parking options plus Valet Parking. Parking is free for the first 10 minutes at all airport car parks with the exception of Valet Parking.

Parking information is available on +41 22 717 7099.

Short Term - Parking Area P2 (Arrivals)

P2 is a small open air car park located opposite the main terminal. Designed for those meeting arriving passengers, waiting time is limited to 1 hour.

Short Term - Parking Area P3 (Departures)

P3 is also opposite the main terminal building. With space for only 90 cars and maximum waiting time of 30 minutes it is for dropping off only.

Penalties for over-staying the maximum parking times are strict in the short term parking areas.

Long Term - Parking Area P1

Parking Area P1 is a covered garage located close to the terminal building. For a cheaper long term parking solution use P51.

Long Term - Parking Area P51

Parking Area P51 is a 5-10 minute walk from the terminal but provides cheaper long term rates than the P1 park.

Long Term - Parking Area P20

Parking Area P20 has 200 covered spaces accessed from Ferney-Voltaire in the French sector.

There are additional small car parks, near the charter terminal, the rail station and the cargo terminal.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is available on the third floor of Parking Area P1.

Disabled Parking

Parking for users with disabilities is available in car park P1. Very limited space is also available in P2, P3, P20, P31 and P51.

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