Alice Springs Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Alice Springs Airport has Short and Long Term car parks.

Short Term Parking

The Short Term car park is in front of the terminal building.

Long Term Parking

The Long Term car park is located beside the terminal. It is a short walk to the terminal building.

Accessible Parking

Parking for users with disabilities is available in the Short Term car park. There is no charge for parking for up to 12 hours for permit holders.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Short Term10 mins free
4 hours $8
12 hours $15
Long Term$18/$12 *

The first 10 minutes is free in the Short Term Car Park.
* Long Term parking is $18 per day for the first four days, then $12 per day after that.

How To Pay

Payment for car parking may be made at a pay station in the terminal before returning to your car, or by credit card at the car park vehicle exits.

All prices in Australian dollars.