Canberra Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

There are two parking options at Canberra Airport - covered (multi-storey) and open-air. It costs more to park in the covered parking garage.

The parking information line is: (02) 6275 2226.

Multi-storey Parking

The multi-storey car park is close to the terminal, and provides the most convenient parking option.

Open-air Parking

The open-air car park is a short distance from the terminal and is connected by covered walkways.

Disabled Parking

Dedicated parking bays for users with disabilities are available in all car parks.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Multi-storey Parking20 mins $3
40 mins $3.50
1 hour $5
2 hours $9
4 hours $15
6 hours $25
Open-air Parking10 mins free
20 mins $2
1 hour $4
2 hours $6
4 hours $12
6 hours $17

The first 10 minutes parking is free in the open-air car park. Open-air parking costs $27 for stays over 7 hours on the first day.

How To Pay

Payment can be made by cash at the pay stations in the car park. Credit cards can also be used by tapping your card at the entry gate, and again at vehicle exits.

Prices in Australian dollars.