DFW Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Parking options at Dallas-Fort Worth International include Terminal Parking, Express Parking, Remote Parking and Valet Parking.

The Parking Information line is (972) 973-4840.

Terminal Parking

Terminal parking is available at all of the passenger terminals. The most convenient parking option, each terminal’s parking garage is within easy walking distance of the terminal.

Each Terminal Parking garage area is divided into 3 areas A, B and C. Area A is closest to low numbered departure gates, Area B for middle gate numbers and Area C for high numbered gates. Passenger access to the terminals is by overhead or underground walkways.

Express Parking

There are two Express Parking areas: Express North near Terminal B, and Express South opposite Terminal E. Express North has some covered parking, but both have uncovered areas.

Free shuttle buses connect the Express Parking lots with all airport terminals.

Remote Parking

There are two Remote Parking lots, one at the north end, the other south of the main airport area. They provide a cheaper long term option than Express Parking. Remote North is currently closed.

Transportation to/from all terminals is by free shuttle bus.

Disabled Parking

There is accessible parking for users with disabilities at all lots.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is available at all terminals.

For Terminals A, B, C & E the valet parking stands are in the one hour zones of Terminal Parking. Terminal D’s valet parking is available curbside on the Departures level.

Cell Phone Parking Lots

There are two Cell Phone lots at DFW. The North lot is close to the Remote Parking North lot. The South lot is near the Remote Parking South lot. Cell Phone parking is limited to two hours and drivers must stay with their cars at all times.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Terminal Parking$2 for 30 mins
$3 first hour
2 hours $3
4 hours $9
6 hours $10
Express Parking$22 hours $2
4 hours $3
6 hours $4
$15 *
Remote Parking$12 hours $1
4 hours $2
6 hours $3
Valet Parking$40

* Covered parking in Express North is $18 per day.

How To Pay

Payment may be made by major credit cards and Tolltag.

The Parking Information line is (972) 973-4840.