Denver Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Denver International Airport has Short and Long term parking areas, Garage Parking, two Shuttle lots, and a Valet Parking service.

Short Term Parking

Located close to both sides of the terminal, Short Term Parking is designed for dropping off and picking up passengers. Follow signs to Arrivals (Level 4), then the Short Term Parking signs. Short Term is the most expensive parking option at the airport.

Garage Parking

There are two short term parking garages - one on each side of the terminal building. Use the parking garage located closest to your airline check-in area. Follow the signs as you approach the terminal for the correct parking facility.

Economy Parking

There are two long term open air economy parking lots (Economy Lots East and West) located behind each parking garage. Follow the signs for your airline as you enter the airport and park in the lot nearest to their check-in area.

There is a free 24 hour shuttle between the economy and shuttle lots and the terminal.

Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot

The Pikes Peak shuttle parking lot is located at 24300 East 75th Avenue. Pikes Peak and the overflow lot at Mt. Elbert are the cheapest drive-up parking options at the airport.

Mt. Elbert Shuttle Lot

The Mt. Elbert Shuttle parking lot, located at 6975 Valleyhead Street, only opens when Pikes Peak is full.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is not currently available.

Disabled Parking

Accessible Parking for users with disabilities is available in all parking lots except Level 3 of the Parking Garage.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

If you're meeting people from a flight use the free Cell Phone lot Final Approach at 7680 North Wenatchee Street, which is located just off the 75th Avenue exit on Peña Boulevard.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Short Term Parking$6$6$144
Garage Parking$5$5$28
Economy Lots$5$5$17
Shuttle Lots$2$2$8

How To Pay

Cash and major credit cards are accepted at pay points.