Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Las Vegas Harry Reid Airport has Short Term, Long Term, Economy and Valet Parking options, and a free Cell Phone lot.

The Parking information line is (702) 261-5122.

Terminal 1 Parking

For parking of up to three hours follow the Short Term parking signs to Level 2M of the parking garage.

For longer term or daily parking use levels 1M, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the parking garage.

There is an Economy Lot next to the Terminal 1 Long Term garage. Economy Parking is a cheaper option than the parking garages. A free shuttle serves the terminals.

Terminal 3 Parking

Short Term parking for stays of up to three hours is available on Level 1 of the parking garage.

Longer term parking is available on Levels 3 - 6 of the Terminal 3 parking garage.

Terminal 3 has an Economy Lot near the T3 Parking Garage. It is a cheaper option than the garage, with a free shuttle serving the terminals.

Remote Parking

There is also a Remote Parking Lot for Terminal 1 located on Gilespie Road. A free shuttle service to/from the terminals is on-call at (702) 261-5122.

Cell Phone Lot

There is a Cell Phone Lot at 673 Kitty Hawk Way. It is open from 6am – 1am and is free of charge. Drivers must stay with their vehicle at all times.

Valet Parking

Valet parking is available on Level 2 of Terminal 1’s parking garage, and Level V of Terminal 3’s parking garage. Valet parking information is available on (702) 261-6999.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Short Term
(Garage Parking)
$32 hours $6
4 hours $13
8 hours $29
Long Term
(Garage Parking)
0-3 hours $10$2$18
Economy Parking0-2 hours $4$2$12
Remote Lot0-30 mins $3
31-60 mins $6
Valet Parking$10$2$30

The first 15 minutes is free in the Short, Long, and Economy lots.

How To Pay

Cash and major credit cards are accepted at all parking lots.