Orlando Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Orlando Airport has two main Parking Garages, three Economy Lots, Valet Parking and two Cell Phone Waiting Lots.

The Airport Parking Information line is (407) 825 3562.

Parking Garages

The two multi-level garages A and B are located on each side of the main terminal building.

Terminal Top Parking is also available on top of the main terminal building itself. Access to Terminal Top Parking may be restricted.

The first 20 minutes is free in the Garages and Terminal Top Parking. Follow the signs on terminal access roads for your parking facility.

Economy Parking Lots

There are three Economy Parking Lots at MCO. The North Park Place lot is located at 5501 Cargo Road off Jeff Fuqua Boulevard.

The South Park Place lot is located at 10536 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard S.

The West Park Place lot at 8202 Tradeport Drive is currently closed.

Free shuttle buses operate 24 hours a day between the Economy lots and the terminal.

Valet Parking

Valet Parking is available from 6am – 11pm at both Terminal Side A and B Departures Level 3.

Disabled Parking

Parking for users with disabilities is available in reserved spaces in all parking lots.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

There are two cell phone waiting lots at Orlando Airport. The North Cell Phone Lot is at 8730 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard N. The South Cell Phone Lot is at 10546 Jeff Fuqua Boulevard S.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Terminal Top ParkingFirst 20 minutes free
One hour $4
Garages A & BFirst 20 minutes free
One hour $4
Economy LotsFirst 10 minutes free
Up to 3 hours $5
3-24 hours $10$10
Valet ParkingFirst 20 minutes $4
One hour $6

The first 20 minutes in the Terminal Garages and Terminal Top Parking is free. Remove your car within 20 minutes of entry and pay nothing. The free period for the Economy Lots is 10 minutes.

How To Pay

Parking payment can be made by cash and credit cards.