Pittsburgh Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Pittsburgh International Airport has short term Garage Parking, Long Term Parking, Extended Parking, and Economy Parking areas.

Garage Parking

There are two short term parking garages. They are located right in front of the terminal building and are the closest airport parking option.

Long Term Parking

There are four long term open air economy parking lots. They are located further from the terminal than the parking garages. The first hour of parking is free, and is a good option for setting down or picking up passengers. The long term lots don’t have a shuttle service, but are linked to the terminal by walkways.

Extended Parking

The Extended Parking lots provide a cheaper parking option than the Long Term lots. A free shuttle service links the Extended lots with the terminal ticketing/check-in level.

Economy Parking

The Economy Parking lot is the cheapest on-airport parking option. It is also the furthest from the terminal. There is no shuttle service linking the Economy Parking lot with the terminal so allow plenty of time to walk there.

Disabled Parking

Parking for users with disabilities is available in all parking lots at Pittsburgh Airport.

The parking office can be contacted on (412) 472-5050.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Short Term Garage Parking$4 for 30 minutes
$8 first hour
Long Term ParkingFirst hour free$3$16
Extended Parking--$10
Economy Parking--$7
Disabled Parking--$7

One hour free parking is available in the Long Term Parking lots for dropping off or picking up passengers.

How To Pay

Payment may be made by cash and credit cards at the terminal pay points. Credit card payment is also available at the parking exit barriers.