Reagan National Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Reagan National Airport has Parking Garages for each terminal, and an Economy lot a short distance away.

Terminal Parking

Short Term parking is available in Garages A, B and C. Follow the signs as you approach the airport. Use parking garage A for Terminal A, and B or C for Terminals B and C.

Parking is free for the first hour. For stays longer than three hours the Economy lot is cheaper.

Moving walkways connect the parking garages with the terminals. Free shuttle buses also connect to the terminals. They operate 24 hours.

Economy Parking

Cheaper long term parking is available in the Economy Lot. Follow signs for Economy Parking. Free shuttle buses every 10 minutes connect the Economy Lot with the terminals.

Disabled Parking

Parking for users with disabilities is available in all lots. There are no concession parking rates - disabled users pay the full price.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

If you're meeting people off a flight use the Terminal Garages for stays up to an hour. There is a 60 minute maximum for free parking.

Parking information is available on (703) 417-7275.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Terminal Parking
Garages A, B & C
First hour free$6$25
Economy Lot$17

How To Pay

Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card.