Salt Lake City Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Salt Lake City Airport has Garage Parking, an open air lot and an Economy Parking lot.

The parking information line is (801) 575-2887.

Garage Parking

The hourly/daily Parking Garage is located close to the terminals, follow the signs from the airport access road. Walkways connect the garage to the terminal.

Parking Lot E

Parking Lot E is an open air lot close to the parking garage and convenient for the terminal. Parking rates are cheaper than Garage Parking but not as cheap as the Economy lot.

Economy Parking

The Economy Parking lot is located further away from the terminal on Terminal Drive. Frequent free shuttle buses connect the economy lot with the terminal.

Disabled Parking

Dedicated spaces for users with disabilities are available in the Parking Garage and Economy lot. There are extra-wide spaces close to entrances. Parking for vehicles fitted with side lifts is available on level one of the garage. A discounted rate of $10 per day is available in the Parking Garage.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

A free cell phone waiting lot called the Park & Wait Lot is located south of the terminals near the Economy Parking lot.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Garage Parking$5$5$35
Open Air Lot E$5$5$21
Economy Lot$2$1$10

Parking for users with disabilities is available on a limited basis in the Parking Garage at $10 per day.

How To Pay

The easiest way to pay for parking at Salt Lake City International is to swipe your credit card at the entry barriers to the parking areas. On exiting use the same card for payment.

Payment can also be made by cash or credit card at pay points.