Sea-Tac Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Sea-Tac Airport has one large parking garage located close to the terminal building. Hourly, Daily and Long Term parking options are available there.

Short Term Parking

Hourly or Terminal Direct parking is available on the fourth floor of the parking garage, although other levels can be used for short term parking.

Access to the terminal is by covered skybridge.

Long Term Parking

The parking garage has plenty of long term parking spaces. Floors 1-3, and 5-8 are intended primarily for longer term parking.

Access to the terminal is by escalator/elevator to the main access corridor on the fourth floor.

Disabled Parking

Dedicated spaces for users with disabilities are available on the fourth and fifth floors of the parking garage. Standard parking charges apply.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

A Cell Phone Waiting Lot is located at 2623 S. 170th Street. Parking is free for 20 minutes.

Parking information is available on (206) 787-5308.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Terminal Direct
(Fourth floor)
General Parking
(other floors)
$169 per week

How To Pay

Payment can be made at the car park exits using either the pay machines or the cashier lanes. Cashier exits accept cash and credit card, pay machines accept only credit cards. There are pay machines also on the fourth floor of the parking garage near the skybridges.