St. Louis Lambert Airport Parking Information

Parking Options

Lambert-St Louis Airport has two parking garages, one at each terminal, five open air parking lots, and two cell phone waiting lots. Parking for users with disabilities is available in all parking lots.

The Parking Information line is (314) 890-2800.

The airport runs a free 24 hour shuttle between the parking lots and the terminals. The shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes depending on time of day.

Terminal Garage Parking

Terminals 1 and 2 each have parking garages. They are located close to the terminals and provide quick, convenient parking.

Lot A

Lot A is located at 10670 Lambert International Boulevard opposite Terminal 1's parking garage and is connected to the terminal by a pedestrian tunnel.

Lot B

Lot B is at 10701 Lambert International Boulevard, a short distance from Terminal 1.

Lot C

Lot C, located at 4359 Cypress Road, has both covered and uncovered parking options.

Lot D

Lot D, at 11212 Hunter Drive, is the cheapest on-airport lot for long term parking. It is some distance from the terminals so allow plenty of time for the shuttle bus transfer.

Lot E

Lot E at 9855 Air Cargo Road, is close to Terminal 2 and is an easy walk to the terminal.

Cell Phone Parking Lot

There are two free Cell Phone Parking Lots at Lambert Airport.

For Terminal 1 the lot is located at 10985 Lambert International Boulevard, east of Cypress Road.

For Terminal 2 the lot is at 9837 Air Cargo Road, near the cargo area.

Parking Charges

First HourHourly rateDaily rate
Terminal Garages 1 & 2
(Short Term)
$52 hours $5
4 hours $10
6 hours $15
Lot A6 hours $9
12 hours $12
Lot BMon-Fri $10
Sat/Sun $7
Lot C
6 hours $6.50
12 hours $8.50
Lot C
(Open Air)
6 hours $5.50
12 hours $7.50
Lot D$7
Lot E$52 hours $5
4 hours $10
6 hours $15

How To Pay

Payment may be made by cash or credit card.